Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Analysis of amusic magazine

Anaylsis of a Music magazine

The magazine I am going to anaylse is 'The source' the genre of magazine is hip-hop/rap, this is shown by the main image of American rapper 'The Game'. The image has been placed central, his head is covering a fair amounth of the masthead, which is in blood red, just underneath the masthead is the magazines Logo, this has been majorly hidden by the main image also.
The audience this magazine seems to be aimed at is the younger generation, teenagers, students and people in their early 20's, particulally males this is shown by the type of Articles on the cover e.g there's an article about 'grand theift Auto' A computer game.

The layout of the cover is good, it really grabs the attention from the right audience, some of the ways they used to acheive this was the fonts and colours used for example the most important articles, such as the main article are in blood red and less important ones are in white. The colours work really well with the main image because 'The Game' has a gun pointing up towards his chin, and the main article states- "The Game, suicide is not a option." the gun, the word 'suicide' and the colour red all link together and symobilse the same thing- death.
I really think this magazine has managed to gain the right attention from the attended audience, if i saw this in a shop, althought I am female, I would deffinatly consider bying it.

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