Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My College Magazine front cover

This is my magazine front cover.
I especially Like the mast head and the cover lines, but I feel I could have injected more colour in to in, I do like th fonts, they work well with the mastehead, I wanted a grey background beacuse I thought it could work with the urban/retro theme I wanted to show.
I think there should be another image on there also, that way it would look more busier and exciting. I think its good but I can see there is alot more I could have done to make it more appealing to its correct audience.

I would also like to put a massive pull quote on slarnting across the main image, one that has the effect of being 'torn' from a different magazine and stuck down on my cover page, I think that would add great texture and look creative.

I also should have added effects to my main image using photoshop, this is something I need to play around with- I will upload examples. (:

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