Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Analysis of a college magazine

The magazine I am going to analyse is ‘College’ it’s aimed at students attending either college or university, the main image is of a young girl, a student, and she is positioned in the centre of the magazine as a wide shot. The magazine’s layout is fairly formal this includes the masthead which is in typical college font in bold red lettering which works well with the main image as her t-shirt is red also.

There are articles positioned around the main image, the main points are in bold, black text or italics, whereas the rest of each article is in bold blue, the colours and texts used are relatively formal which helps to display the college theme, but the articles themselves seem fairly relaxed e.g “she’s 15 and pregnant” and “he better hope they serve beer in Hell.” These articles give the magazine a real teenager/adolescent sense.
There aren’t many features of the magazine that grab the readers attention, no bright colours and eye catching images, although this is a college magazine and follows the uniform, I feel it could have been made more eye catching and exciting.

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