Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Libertines contents page

The contents page has been split into two, on the top half is the main image and on the bottom half is the actual contents, between the two halfs is a pull quote, this has been used to not only divide the page but also join them up, it shows a clear divide between both parts of the page yet the quote invites the reader to find out ‘What’s inside your Libs mag’
The main image has been positioned on the top half of the page, it shows the bands popularity, and also the controversy surrounding the them- its a powerful image, it’s taken from on the stage, the main focus is Pete Doherty and Carl barrett who are in the middle of a gig a crowd full of young adults and early 20’s. Pete and Carl are central and they are about to kiss on stage, guitars in hand.
The font used on headings is the same running through the whole page, except on the top half the font is white and also bigger where as on the bottom half, the text is black and smaller, underneath each heading on the bottom of the contents page, a different font has been used to draw attention to other peices of information, this has been written in ‘Arial’ in quite a small size, although it isn’t in bold and it isn’t as bigger as other fonts on the page it still draws the reader into it.
Although the contents page hasn’t strictly followed the same principles as the cover with the colours and fonts, it has carried on the theme of English rock and roll/indie, by showing the atmosphere in the main image and the individuality and outrageousness in the genre.

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