Wednesday, 9 February 2011

college magazine anaylsis 2

This is the second magazine I analysed to research further what the market is looking for when purchessing a college magazine.
This magazine is called 'College Lifestyle' It seems to be aiming itself at the older student, the main image confirms this, its of a quite a cool looking student, a young black male in his late teens, or he could be older, he's holding a collection of art and history books which shows he's currently in eduction (aiming it at the required audience). He's dressed fairly casually in dark jeans and a black leather jacket, with a white t-shirt. and to add some youth appeal to him they've add a 'hip-hop' crisifix chain. What I like about the main image is that it is over laping the masthead, I might use this on my cover, it helps make it stand of the page and gives it some character.

The colour scheme is also relatively dark, which works well with the main image, it has great splashes of bright green, which are very eyecatching and would catch any youthful eye; its been used within the masthead, main article and sells, the rest of the text is white but it isnt boring because there is a great and varied use of fonts, which keeps the reader drawn in.

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