Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Libertines cover page

The first magazine cover I am going to analysis is 'The libertines' this magazine is aimed at older teenagers and people in their 20's, University students who enjoy going to gigs. The genre of this music magazine is british rock and roll/ indie, this is the theme and its has been represented well throughout the cover, the use of colours and text show this.

The first thing the audience would notice is the pull quote, its been positioned at the bottom half of the page it stands out well against the background because of the use of bold colours that boarder the quote. The colours used represent the Union Jack, red, white and blue; these colours have been used fairly excessivly on the cover, which relate back to the theme of British rock and roll/indie.

The main image is of the band the libertines themself, this image has been styled well, the two main artists, Pete Doherty and Carl Barat are closest to the pull quote, their image clear and sharper compared to the other two who are more blurry and towards the back of the image. I background of the main image has carried on the theme of red, white and blue which  reflect well off Pete’s tshirt and the pull quote.

The mastehead, is completly undisturbed. its very clear for the audience to see which magazine they are looking for, its in black, bold capitals the backing is just pure white. The masthead is unrelated to the main image or the rest of the cover, other than the name, it doesn’t carry on the british rock and roll theme in any way.

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