Wednesday, 9 February 2011

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Biased upon my results from the questionnaire i had made through and sent out through my facebook profile I have found out who my target audience is going to be, what they expect to see and how i am meant to aim my magazine at them.
overall, 16 people took my questionnaire, 68% females, 32.3% males. 68% were between the age of 17-21, 25% were 12-16 and only 6.3% was aged 27+; this shows that most were students/ late teens, they don't have a lot of income who tend to either work part-time jobs or are being supported by parents, they are very much at the forefront of anything that's in fashion but are also stereotyped to be outrageous and somewhat wild.
This is also shown within the choice of music that has been shown through the questionnaire, 43.8% of people choose drum and bass/dubstep and 37.5% choose rock. most attend gigs/ festivals on a regular basis, these mostly include rock and drum and bass/dubstep also being the most popular.
I also wanted to find out how people purchase their music, amazingly, 100% of the people that answered said they downloaded their music but 53.3% also still buy C.Ds.
finally i wanted to know my audiences initial reaction to what attracts them to buy magazines, I found that 53.3% saw 'freebies' as a way to grab their attention also content plays just as much as a reason for buying it. but surprisingly colours/ images only getting 20% of the vote were seen to be least important.

This shows a lot about who I am going to be aiming my magazine at:
Females between the age of 17-21, students with low income possibly working-part time jobs or supported by parents, so it needs to price it cheaply.
Their chosen choice for music would be drum and bass/dubstep or rock, they regularly attend music festivals and gigs these include reggae, drum and bass and also rock events. They download their music from sites such as youtube, limewire ect, both legally and illegally. when buying a magazine the content and freebies matter the most, colours and images are

important but not so much.

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