Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Anaylsis of a music magazine 2

The magazine, 'Atmosphere' is genred as Drum and bass, this is shown by the Free Cd by DJ Ray Keith that is being given away, and by the cells down the right handed side. This helps to attract the right audience to the magazine. Drum and bass media's aren't so popular, compared to R'n'B and Rap, so targeting the correct audience is essential here.

The audience its aimed at is probably older teenagers and young adults, possibly mid twenties- late twenties. the steriotypical image for somebody who listens to drum and bass are quite rebelious and ruff.

The magazine has it's bare essentials on the cover although the magazine is still following the codes and conventions that you would except to see in a dark DnB magazine.
The main image is of Dizzee Rascal, the lighting on the image is very dark and dull compared to the background which is grey and fairly bright which helps to highlight the image.

Dizze Rascal looking very shady, he's hunched right over and his face has been disguised slightly by the dark purple hoodie he's wearing, the light is fairly dark and bold, all this helps to give the magaine the right feel and atmosphere. Althought Dizzee Rascal isn't reconized to be of brum and bass genre, he has infact feature in songs produced by DJ's on the cover, his face is extremly reconizeable, where as a lot of DJ's are not so well known in the music industry, this will aulmiatly help sell the magazine to a wide and morre varied audience.

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